Applegate Heating & Air Conditioning Supplying Ventilation for New UM Pathology Building

Applegate Heating & Air Conditioning is fabricating and installing a section of 100” diameter 12 gauge duct that is a part of a 170 foot long section of roof duct.  The 10,000 pound supply duct provides fresh air supply to the lab space of the new Michigan Medicine Pathology building at the University of Michigan.

Applegate Heating & Air Conditioning crews have been working on the fabrication of duct for the past several weeks in Applegate fabrication facilities in Jackson, Michigan.  Delivery of the duct occurred this past week and is in the installation process.

The University is consolidating pathology laboratories from several campus locations to the new facility on the University of Michigan North Campus Research Complex.  The goals of the project are to enhance the clinical laboratory functions necessary to meet present and future growth in test volumes, improve operational efficiency, and reduce the expense of having laboratories in multiple locations.  The facility will also provide faculty offices and space for resident training, and laboratories will be designed to provide flexibility to meet future education, research, and technology requirements. 

This is the latest project of several that Applegate Heating & Air Conditioning has participated in at the University of Michigan.